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Finally the Rain is coming
Photo by laowai
🕐 09-25-23 14:46JT wrote:
Stormy weather.

How are you liking the SL? I just took out my SL2-S yesterday for the first time in since April or May.

I enjoyed the experience and did not realize how pleasant it was until I shot with it again.
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Saint-Ouen Abbey Normandy France
Photo by remcor
🕐 09-24-23 02:34remcor wrote:
JT wrote:
Wow. They don't build them like they use to.

What is interesting is that most of the grand structures were build over a period of hundreds of years yet the funding for them remained in place even after political landscape changes in the country they are built in.

Hi JT, it's a beast alright. The church is 137 m in length under 33 m high vaults. It is currenty under extensive repairs, that's why not many people know it is open. So nobody inside but me.
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549562View photo
Photo 549562
Photo by photoman888
🕐 09-11-23 19:41JT wrote:
Looking at this again. It's mesmerizing. I love the two swirls!
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Back Alley. Sultanahmet, Istanbul.
Photo by hyperfocal
🕐 09-11-23 19:39JT wrote:
Still curious about the dog.
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Photo 505861
Photo by filmaren
🕐 09-04-23 20:33christian wrote:
This has such a nostalgic look to it.
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