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As photographers we are inspired by the work of others and hope to capture images that are as memorable as theirs. Having said that, today we are honored to feature a photo from such a photographer donuss. To view more work from donuss please visit donuss's gallery

They say it's not the gear but the person behind the camera that captures the photo we are drawn to. But, for those who are curious, this was taken with a Nikon corporation D700 and a Zeiss distagon f3.5 18mm

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Photo - 1000083
Photo by JT
🕐 12-05-23 09:05JT wrote:
fo-tik wrote:
Love Alpenglow! Was this a vacation spot for you, or were you lucky enough to have this place as a 'backyard?' Just curious, did you experiment with tighter crops on the right side?

Lol. This is kind of the back yard in WA state. This up in Snow Lake just before the Enchantments. Camped there the night before heading up. Look up the Enchantments on Google when you get a chance.

BTW, I was air lifted from up there after breaking my foot.

Embeded Photo

This was a pano. I should try some cropping.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Photo by fo-tik
🕐 12-02-23 19:54JT wrote:
fo-tik wrote:
JT wrote:
What did you do on the processing? It looks intense. I like it.

I don't like Lightroom so I use Photoshop. Personal preference. I also only adjust 1 or 2 images from a shoot. I don't batch anything. For each color channel: R, G, B, C, M, Y, and each luminosity channel: Highlights, Midtones, Shadows, I adjusted contrast, saturation, brightness.

Normally I lower saturation and raise contrast and brightness, but it's individually done for each channel as necessary. I find I use very little sharpening when adjusting contrast. The last thing is to disable visibility of the Background layer, merge all other layers that are visible, and then turn background layer back on. Stare and compare between background and top layer and adjust opacity of top layer accordingly. Usually down to about 66%. This process seems to add to the already 3D look from Zeiss lenses. But then... I'm annal about stuff like this! B=)

Thanks for sharing!
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Coney Island, New Years Day bikini
Photo by mikepeters
🕐 12-02-23 19:09StudentR wrote:
Statement made!
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Photo by fo-tik
🕐 11-27-23 11:23fo-tik wrote:
Zeiss Distagon T* 21mm f/2.8 ZE on Kipon EF to GFX adapter
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Photo - 3000265
Photo by StudentR
🕐 11-24-23 16:13StudentR wrote:
Canon F1/Kodak TMX 3200

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