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Longshadows, Acqui Terme, Italy
Photo By: yantorno
12-26-17 7:03 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
Very well executed...
In a fog
Photo By: j-b
12-26-17 2:34 PM - Comment by: fotographz
Beautiful. You have photographed a visual for the Robert Frost Poem: The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.
Photo By: west
12-26-17 2:27 PM - Comment by: fotographz
WoW(!) well done
Photo By: stefan hearst
12-26-17 2:19 PM - Comment by: fotographz
the nothingness of this is wonderful
Photo By: tivv
12-26-17 2:15 PM - Comment by: fotographz
good "eye" in seeing this to make a photo of it. The four small faces against that big bald head.
The Source
Photo By: atlantel
12-26-17 2:11 PM - Comment by: fotographz
This is simply beautiful...light painting with sunlight.
Photo By: tivv
12-26-17 2:06 PM - Comment by: fotographz
I see pain and passion.
Wow...great use of light and shadow.
Gotcha Calvin!
Photo By: shtarka1
12-26-17 2:01 PM - Comment by: fotographz
It is not just how you managed to capture him looking at you but how everyone else around him are all unaware while going their individual directions.
niceley done
Hiking in Saxon Wessex
Photo By: bajanexile
12-26-17 4:05 AM - Comment by: bajanexile
Shot from the White Horse way at the top of the North Wessex Downs, Wiltshire, England/

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS Mark II lens @400mm, f/10, 1/1250 sec and ISO 1600. See: https://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/show_path.php?path_name=White +Horse+Trail
Mary J. Blige!
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:52 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
GREAT street portrait and I particularly like the tight framing.
Under Cover
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:50 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Great perspective/POV.
"Dylan Deluca"
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:47 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
The juxtaposition of the two subjects (one lit, the other one in the shade) and their conflicting facial expressions against the blurred BG are simply ingenious.
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:45 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
:-) Just superb!! A truly timeless capture.
The Approach!
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:44 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Great find and a superb implementation. Lovely shades of gray, too.
My Brotha
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:41 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Great facial expression, once again a story-telling portrait. And a congenial use of the lighting, too.
Lil Scruff!
Photo By: shtarka1
12-25-17 8:38 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Just lovely :-) And of course a perfect timing!
Photo By: p.s.zoeller
12-25-17 8:36 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Very well thought-out arrangement with the observing girl in the BG.
Through this hollow way...
Photo By: dannz
12-25-17 8:27 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
What @hyperfocal stated, but an absolutely striking arrangement nonetheless. Kudos!

Photo By: jhemp_00
12-25-17 8:24 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
A strikingly consistent and well-balanced composition. Plus the sepia treatment adds perfectly to the subject.
Pattern Art
Photo By: kanuck
12-25-17 8:19 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Great find, superb use of the backlighting, the geometric patterns and as a result a strikingly consistent juxtaposition.