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🕐 05-16-10 11:23 AMtorralba
Photo 526
By: ekk
Nice colors and capture. Makes me feel like I am walking that street.
🕐 05-16-10 7:23 AMtorralba
Photo 603
Nice macro work. This makes me feel like it's part of a dream.
🕐 05-15-10 9:50 PMtorralba
Photo 595
By: haf
Beautiful tones. You can't beat B&W.
🕐 05-15-10 4:11 PMtorralba
Photo 592
Great detail in this image. Have your tried converting a few into black and white? I bet that would look nice too.

BTW, he sure does seem happy :)
🕐 05-15-10 1:32 PMalphazeiss
Pixel Peep
Hey guys, thanks! I took this while out on a business trip; plus a few hours vacation while there:) I was walking around and this one kinda caught my fancy. Bye.
🕐 05-14-10 10:39 PMtorralba
Photo 556

Did you know that when you post a comment and include a url you can actually make it an actual link? Look at these samples.

🕐 05-14-10 10:31 PMtorralba
Photo 569
I love this. It is the mood of the picture that does it for me. Spooky yet bright. I only wish I could see the top of the trees in the foreground.

Thanks for sharing.
🕐 05-14-10 9:30 PMhaf
Photo 565
By: haf
To tell you the truth I had a hard time deciding on the spot on how to frame this, but I liked so much the girl and settings that I just shot it like that. I really like the reflection of the other car and the people so I don't know how much the photo woul
🕐 05-14-10 2:09 PMhaf
Photo 562
By: haf
I shot it with the makro-planar, this is the only Zeiss I own so far (apart from another Cosina made lens - Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4) and I think this site will push me towards buying a 35mm as well :)
🕐 05-14-10 11:29 AMtorralba
Photo 557
I remember the controversy over the pyramids when they were being built. I think I may have actually been in Paris back then :)
🕐 05-14-10 7:17 AMtorralba
Loading Up.
No the original 17-35 push pull manual focus.
🕐 05-14-10 4:49 AMvertigo2020
Photo 543
Thanks. Didn't have to hang it...was the view out my front window.
🕐 05-13-10 8:45 PMtorralba
I shot these years ago after converting a Zeiss C/Y 17-35mm to Canon mount. The results from this lens where incredible. I wish they still made zooms like that.
🕐 05-13-10 6:00 PMroc97007
Photo 542
Proof, if any were necessary, that only women should wear ribbed undershirts.
🕐 05-13-10 9:14 AMpierre
By: pierre
Taken with the D80 along with the Zeiss 100mm F/2 Macro ZF. Shot in M mode since it doesn't meter to show exif.
🕐 05-13-10 8:17 AMekk
Photo 533
By: ekk
lol its probably the cy to eos adapter. i dont think i have it configure to the proper focal length.
🕐 05-13-10 7:17 AMrickperry
Photo 515
ZE 50 1.4 Rockland Marine - Maine
🕐 05-13-10 5:04 AMrickperry
Photo 512
ZE 100 mp - tungsten lights.
🕐 05-13-10 5:03 AMrickperry
Photo 513
ZE 100 mp - tungsten lights.
🕐 05-12-10 12:24 PMrickperry
ZE 50 1.4