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🕐 05-18-10 11:50 PMjapanexposures
Photo 274
Are you sure? I use mostly uncoded lenses, and the f stop is never f1...
🕐 05-18-10 9:03 PMdarylgo
Photo 660
Interesting picture, the diagonal composition is quite dynamic.
🕐 05-18-10 6:00 PMnatebarnz
Mojave Hedgehog Cactus
Thanks. I'll update my other one that needs it.
🕐 05-18-10 5:30 PMnatebarnz
Joshua Tree
Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 4/20 @ f5.6 (m42 Zebra version)
🕐 05-18-10 5:29 PMnatebarnz
Joshua Tree Blade
Makro-Planar 100/2.8 @ f2.8
🕐 05-18-10 5:22 PMnatebarnz
Owens Wilderness
Aperture f8
🕐 05-18-10 5:19 PMnatebarnz
Mojave National Preserve
Aperture f11
🕐 05-18-10 5:15 PMnatebarnz
Spring Babies
Aperture f5.6
🕐 05-18-10 5:12 PMnatebarnz
Sunset On Red Rock Canyon SP
f11 (Zebra M42 Edition)
🕐 05-18-10 5:05 PMnatebarnz
Bear Creek Reflection
Aperture f11
🕐 05-18-10 5:00 PMnatebarnz
Natural Rock Wall
Aperture f8
🕐 05-18-10 4:58 PMnatebarnz
Sunset At Short Canyon
Aperture f8
🕐 05-18-10 4:41 PMnatebarnz
Death Valley
Aperture was really f11
🕐 05-18-10 4:35 PMtorralba
Charming smile
Very nice. I like the soft light and shallow depth of field.
🕐 05-18-10 12:12 AMsunworshiper
Exif data shows 35mm as I forgot to set the correct focal length in lens selection.
🕐 05-17-10 1:23 PMpstrmeck
You must ad +1,5 or 2 on your exposition. And that's all. Many thanks on your works on this pages.
🕐 05-17-10 8:25 AMtorralba
It's all about the light! Love it!
🕐 05-16-10 8:57 PMtorralba
Photo 615
By: v_kids
Oh boy, Leica M9 and Zeiss 35. This is a great combo. not to mention an awesome camera! I had 3 M8's at one time, 2 MP's and one R9 with the DMR. I am now down to Sony and Nikon with Zeiss glass. My only non Zeiss lens right now is the Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS. Anyway, back on subject. There is so much detail in this photo. The combination of Leica and Zeiss really shows here. Thanks for posting.
🕐 05-16-10 8:26 PMalphazeiss
I'm Stuck!
ha ha!! This one is hilarious!!

(During the annual inspection last month, the local fire marshal made us hack some bushes outside the office/building so that they can get to the hydrant.)
🕐 05-16-10 7:08 PMjayde
cool montage!