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Photo By: yuriylux
01-24-18 7:44 AM - Comment by: yuriylux
Kanuck, nathanwestcott, walter, acul, zeissy, fm.zeissimages.com, kuglof, miguelno, laowai,
crisseo, philipbrindle,
thanks for your likes and comments! My special thanks and appreciation for Philipbrindle!
High Up There
Photo By: stjepan
01-23-18 3:10 PM - Comment by: philipbrindle
Very nice shot, make sure you get it printed, I'm sure it would look even more beautiful hanging on your wall...
Fallen Trees and Snow
Photo By: lightcraftsman
01-22-18 8:05 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
Nice tonality.
The old man Nitro
Photo By: ronny olsson
01-21-18 1:50 PM - Comment by: ronny olsson
torralba wrote:

Wow. this is really nice. beautiful bokeh without being overdone. Is this from the prize lens?\n\n\n

Thanks Jorge ! Yes it's the prize lens... I'm very impressed by its performance :)
Forest Lane
Photo By: remcor
01-10-18 4:54 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
Very lush image.I like geometry of it...
Vestrahorn in Iceland
Photo By: ronny olsson
01-10-18 11:17 AM - Comment by: ronny olsson
slenz wrote:

congratulation! \n\n\n

Thanks you :)
Photo By: ronny olsson
01-9-18 2:47 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
I like this one. Even human figure off center contributes to the sense of scale of the image.
Lago Grey. Patagonia, Chile.
Photo By: hyperfocal
01-9-18 12:47 PM - Comment by: ronny olsson
Very nice shot !
Photo By: ronny olsson
01-9-18 12:39 PM - Comment by: ronny olsson
hyperfocal wrote:

Great color contrast. Little bit too centered, but I like it...\n\n\n

Thank you :)
Photo By: sharpeye
01-6-18 1:57 AM - Comment by: kanzer16
Good timing picked up
Photo By: remcor
01-5-18 9:59 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
I love the darkness of this image.
Side Light
Photo By: fotographz
01-5-18 6:44 PM - Comment by: fotographz
Thank you so much! cheers
Photo By: lenscrack
01-4-18 3:00 PM - Comment by: hyperfocal
With a bit of tweaking in Photoshop (cloning out unnecessary detail) it could become one of those "dogs-playing -cards"-like image.
Photo By: picman
01-3-18 10:13 AM - Comment by: picman
Thanks kanuck!
Eye of Stokksnes
Photo By: stroop
01-2-18 12:41 PM - Comment by: zi-fsi
Great photo!
Photo By: bajanexile
01-2-18 12:35 AM - Comment by: bajanexile
Thanks Zeissy and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Steve
Photo By: jhemp_00
12-31-17 7:11 AM - Comment by: contrelamontre
Lovely perspective impact and a perfectly apt B&W/sepia treatment.
Baroque Experience
Photo By: walter
12-30-17 3:17 PM - Comment by: walter
Thank you very much - DaMessenjah - for marking this image of mine With Your well appreciated 'Lik' !! Muchus cracias a todos!
Photo By: adelemb
12-30-17 1:24 PM - Comment by: zeissy
Great mood
Cumulonimbus Clouds
Photo By: walter
12-29-17 1:32 AM - Comment by: walter
Thank you, akul, for marking this image with your 'Like'!