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Sunburst II
Photo By: zeissgeist
05-16-18 3:08 PM - Comment by: torralba
I am going to guess Shi Shi, Rialto 3rd ..... ???? Beautiful image.
Photo By: eminavn
05-16-18 3:05 PM - Comment by: torralba
Revisiting this image. What a standout photo in so many ways. Simply awesome !
Photo By: jeroen
05-16-18 2:52 PM - Comment by: torralba
This image is mind blowing. It is a phenomenal image. Please post a 3900 pixel wide version so I can use it for my desktop :)
Photo By: operagrafica
05-16-18 1:34 AM - Comment by: operagrafica
Depending on the weather, certain days create two opposing currents that cross each other.
A Glimpse of Hope
Photo By: stjepan
05-15-18 10:02 AM - Comment by: torralba
Magical image. Out of this world good!
Photo By: ronny olsson
05-15-18 7:53 AM - Comment by: ronny olsson

Thanks .. maybe behind the mountains ;) :)

Cheers Ronny //
Mt. Hood
Photo By: dalth500
05-14-18 4:06 PM - Comment by: torralba
Breath taking photo!
Cherry orchard
Photo By: dalth500
05-14-18 4:03 PM - Comment by: torralba
This is so pleasant to view. Wonderful image with great clarity and a soothing effect.
Photo By: torralba
05-13-18 11:02 PM - Comment by: torralba
This was actually taken with a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 ZM. But the damn M10 thinks it's a Summilux :(
Photo By: photosphere42
05-12-18 7:18 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
Got it!
Photo By: photosphere42
05-11-18 5:48 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Lens: NIKKOR 50mm 1:2.
High voltage.
Photo By: photosphere42
05-11-18 5:47 PM - Comment by: photosphere42
Lens: NIKKOR 50mmm 1:2.
"Come on, and fight me!"
Photo By: walter
05-9-18 6:51 AM - Comment by: walter
Thank you very much, foongkwonghoi - for your ever so kind *Like* to my image of this actor - The Viking reenactment happens every summer, here in my neighboring hometown, where contestants from all over Europe gather for a week. This one here, is taking his role 100% serious.
Yellow Rose of Texas
Photo By: walter
05-4-18 6:46 AM - Comment by: walter
@ kanzer16:
Thank you very much for your well appreciated 'Like' to this image of the "Yellowe Rose"!
Best regards,
Walter from Norway
Spring is in the Air and on the ground ...
Photo By: walter
04-27-18 6:55 AM - Comment by: walter
Thanks for the 'Like' - Yuriylux!
Photo By: walter
04-22-18 2:26 PM - Comment by: walter
Thank you, hyperfocal - for your kind comment on my image.
Photo By: shapencolour
04-22-18 10:13 AM - Comment by: shapencolour
Thank you Jorge.Glad to hear that.Making this picture I wanted to convey the calm and quiet mood of that historical place in the morning.
Photo By: charles.k
04-11-18 2:44 PM - Comment by: akul

Beautiful shot ! I know it is from 2011, but that makes no difference. It still is a beautiful shot.
Photo By: shapencolour
04-10-18 11:19 AM - Comment by: shapencolour
Thank you grzesiek.
Photo By: shapencolour
04-10-18 11:18 AM - Comment by: shapencolour
Thank you grzesiek.