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🕐 02-27-19 12:38 PMstroop posted Click to Reply and View all comments
By: stroop
Thanks Jorge, it's mind vehicle :)
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Kvalvika Beach
By: stroop
Magical. I like coming back to this photo.
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Photo 101928
By: jeroen
Wow. Such drama. Amazing !
Photo 101930
By: jeroen
Very nice. beautiful clarity!
Photo: 101874
Very nice!
Photo 101873
LENS: Nikon NIKKOR 50mm f2.0.
Photo 101746
Site occupant!
Photo 100940
Nice image. I like the thought.
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Photo - 101626
Thank you JT.I used 25mm extension tube.
Photo - 101539
Very medieval looking.
Photo 101581
Wow. Superb!
Photo 101586
Intense! Love the processing. Awesome!
Photo - 101591
Photo - 101592
Very nice image. I like the atmosphere.
🕐 12-14-18 12:12 PMtorralba posted Click to Reply and View all comments
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Photo 101587
Great shot indeed. That 35 renders beautifully.
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🕐 11-30-18 11:33 AMzek posted Click to Reply and View all comments
Photo - 100680
By: zek
Thank you
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Photo - 101294
Thank you. 4th & Mitchell st,Milwaukee, Wi USA
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Photo - 100526
Thank you Chriseeo :)
Fabio Donato by Augusto De Luca
This is Art!