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🕐 01-11-15 21:48JT wrote:
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🕐 01-08-11 10:10JT wrote:
Ekk, this photo rocks. So much going on.
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🕐 09-18-10 07:37filmaren wrote:
Nice shot,

but as the misanthrope I am I would have prefered the man signaling something different than the happy woman.

Less of a picture, but hopefully a happier life for those involved.

Maybe feel-good is as good as drama.
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🕐 09-07-10 02:37derekwin wrote:
I agree I like the color and the expressions as well
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🕐 06-21-10 20:19ekk wrote:
lol thanks. i thought i had added to one of my lens collection set. but this was taken with Planar 100/2 CY :)
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🕐 05-13-10 08:17ekk wrote:
lol its probably the cy to eos adapter. i dont think i have it configure to the proper focal length.
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