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CornerFix Profile for the NEX-7 + Hologon 8/16mm Contax G mount

CornerFix Profile for the NEX-7 + Hologon 8/16mm Contax G mount

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Posted: 04-14-13 2:19 PM - Views: 5840

By: Wojciech Zielinski

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I don't know if You were interested but I wished to share with all of You Cornerfix profile for my favorite Hologon with NEX-7. I don't know if You have already heard about CornerFix software and problem with symmetrical wide angle lenses and digital sensors. Due to short back focal distance this type of lenses were always limited to mirrorless cameras (mainly rangefinder of previous days). More information about it You may find in monography of Carl Zeiss wide angle's lenses by Dr Nasse ([url]http://blogs.zeiss.com/photo/en/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/en_CLB41_Nasse_LensNames_Distagon.pdf).

Profile's photo before and after processing with Cornerfix You may find here:


Sample photo processed this profile:


I made many trials to create this profile and finally I believe that results have been already acceptable. You may download it here:
[url]http://www.fileswap.com/dl/HKMb9fZN2G/ or here: [url]http://fauxtoreal.com/?p=1027
(I don't know how to share other files than jpg, so You I may paste it inline: )

[i][s]/*Start of file*/[/s]

profile_version 1
description ""
creator ""
copyright ""
licence "This work is licensed under the Creative "
licence "Commons Attribution 3.0 License. To view a copy of this license, "
licence "visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ or send a letter "
licence "to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, "
licence "California, 94105, USA."
LeftHorizonal 0 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -3.060260e-004 -2.926000e-006 -9.215629e-009 -1.534063e-011 -1.442880e-014 -7.982155e-018 -2.572551e-021 -4.465955e-025 -3.226749e-029
RightHorizonal 0 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -4.476228e-004 2.363850e-006 -5.969817e-009 7.348286e-012 -4.976698e-015 1.871710e-018 -3.660467e-022 2.905670e-026
TopVertical 0 equation 12 1.000000e+000 -2.379304e-005 -1.067754e-006 4.063662e-009 -6.577910e-012 4.866349e-015 -1.701927e-018 2.307794e-022
BottomVertical 0 equation 4 1.000000e+000 -1.453987e-007 -1.977080e-013 1.206680e-019 -2.679745e-026 2.115382e-033
color 0 equation 11 1.000000e+000 1.068412e-004 -1.206884e-007 -1.008200e-010 -8.631583e-014 -2.983187e-017 -3.319830e-021
BottomRight 0 equation 6 1.000000e+000 -1.596282e-007 1.009372e-014 1.806529e-021 -9.027118e-028 1.395168e-034 -9.233639e-042 2.235803e-049
TopRight 0 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -1.798280e-004 5.251812e-007 -1.351000e-009 1.705923e-012 -1.277392e-015 5.587820e-019 -1.386815e-022 1.804144e-026 -9.524511e-031
BottomLeft 0 equation 15 1.000000e+000 -1.992208e-004 -1.025825e-006 -1.146644e-009 -2.161387e-013 9.803835e-016 1.180312e-018 6.330067e-022 1.818824e-025 2.717147e-029 1.659988e-033
center 0 location -10 -58
LeftHorizonal 1 equation 14 1.000000e+000 5.282682e-005 -1.189994e-006 -4.890649e-009 -9.131691e-012 -9.102576e-015 -5.238670e-018 -1.742541e-021 -3.106127e-025 -2.294880e-029
RightHorizonal 1 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -3.747244e-004 1.631895e-006 -3.835985e-009 4.582880e-012 -3.142665e-015 1.214172e-018 -2.438084e-022 1.976747e-026
TopVertical 1 equation 12 1.000000e+000 -7.328441e-005 -8.325247e-007 3.641096e-009 -6.577556e-012 5.236953e-015 -1.929814e-018 2.717046e-022
BottomVertical 1 equation 12 1.000000e+000 1.535291e-004 -1.512543e-006 4.409816e-009 -6.876038e-012 5.113051e-015 -1.789499e-018 2.394432e-022
color 1 equation 12 1.000000e+000 1.031944e-004 -3.010891e-007 -5.730491e-010 -5.744270e-013 -2.613198e-016 -5.433329e-020 -4.254266e-024
BottomRight 1 equation 4 1.000000e+000 -1.338192e-007 -9.349194e-015 3.078568e-021 -2.230129e-028 5.349894e-036
TopRight 1 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -1.506994e-005 -4.496843e-007 1.019957e-009 -1.176168e-012 6.405785e-016 -1.774731e-019 2.435740e-023 -1.310736e-027
BottomLeft 1 equation 16 1.000000e+000 -4.024746e-005 3.427458e-007 4.648157e-009 1.285460e-011 1.819885e-014 1.527982e-017 8.037900e-021 2.679271e-024 5.500456e-028 6.349235e-032 3.154861e-036
center 1 location -31 -64
LeftHorizonal 2 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -1.287837e-004 -2.038435e-006 -6.811031e-009 -1.160338e-011 -1.104678e-014 -6.190817e-018 -2.025983e-021 -3.575784e-025 -2.627077e-029
RightHorizonal 2 equation 15 1.000000e+000 1.957052e-004 -2.291987e-006 8.992764e-009 -1.873912e-011 2.242773e-014 -1.636331e-017 7.381563e-021 -2.007104e-024 3.013681e-028 -1.919612e-032
TopVertical 2 equation 13 1.000000e+000 4.874513e-004 -4.462305e-006 1.474401e-008 -2.535673e-011 2.337062e-014 -1.184569e-017 3.131028e-021 -3.382916e-025
BottomVertical 2 equation 11 1.000000e+000 -9.049134e-005 -2.162743e-007 7.621079e-010 -1.388634e-012 8.398751e-016 -1.638391e-019
color 2 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -1.888505e-005 -8.132539e-007 -1.954717e-009 -2.748608e-012 -2.180986e-015 -1.017239e-018 -2.771573e-022 -4.076186e-026 -2.496665e-030
BottomRight 2 equation 6 1.000000e+000 -1.495024e-007 2.080401e-015 -3.421267e-021 1.385262e-027 -1.817616e-034 1.033665e-041 -2.199156e-049
TopRight 2 equation 6 1.000000e+000 -1.266514e-007 7.381382e-015 -6.232727e-021 1.738819e-027 -1.985394e-034 1.047164e-041 -2.123876e-049
BottomLeft 2 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -1.019254e-004 -1.127076e-006 -2.308396e-009 -2.816616e-012 -2.035692e-015 -8.979576e-019 -2.380113e-022 -3.473303e-026 -2.138093e-030
center 2 location -26 29
LeftHorizonal 3 equation 14 1.000000e+000 -8.903223e-005 -2.452693e-006 -8.963277e-009 -1.562405e-011 -1.503479e-014 -8.458371e-018 -2.763330e-021 -4.848818e-025 -3.531706e-029
RightHorizonal 3 equation 15 1.000000e+000 2.997439e-004 -3.588267e-006 1.442783e-008 -2.976923e-011 3.523034e-014 -2.535047e-017 1.125359e-020 -3.008222e-024 4.440243e-028 -2.781602e-032
TopVertical 3 equation 13 1.000000e+000 1.051531e-003 -7.867281e-006 2.382269e-008 -3.754196e-011 3.213788e-014 -1.523456e-017 3.777358e-021 -3.833785e-025
BottomVertical 3 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -1.106333e-004 -2.565080e-007 5.607061e-010 3.442450e-013 -2.418485e-015 2.480225e-018 -9.974474e-022 1.438239e-025
color 3 equation 15 1.000000e+000 -5.837742e-004 -4.435111e-006 -1.226871e-008 -1.848837e-011 -1.647550e-014 -9.108031e-018 -3.158068e-021 -6.683872e-025 -7.896462e-029 -3.993717e-033
BottomRight 3 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -1.623367e-004 3.793905e-007 -8.403502e-010 9.244108e-013 -6.306865e-016 2.415923e-019 -4.665230e-023 3.535287e-027
TopRight 3 equation 13 1.000000e+000 -4.309039e-004 1.345999e-006 -2.410669e-009 2.310172e-012 -1.298593e-015 4.152555e-019 -6.927322e-023 4.671316e-027
BottomLeft 3 equation 14 1.000000e+000 1.048315e-004 -4.915233e-007 -1.521985e-009 -2.328509e-012 -1.939104e-015 -9.502689e-019 -2.730784e-022 -4.239103e-026 -2.736203e-030
center 3 location -29 69
[s]/*end of file*/[/s][/i]

I know that this topic may be useful for narrow part of NEX-7 users but maybe You get interested. I read from Dr Nasse article that Hologon comes back with digital sensors is hardly imaginable. I hope my effort could change it, at last a little.

Best regards, WZ.


Reply from Victor Luk on 04-15-13 5:04 PM

OMG, what a sweet combination you have. The Hologon not only visually preserved the essence of NEX, which is compact, sleek & versatile. The sample image processed with your Cornerfix profile is way more neutral than the 14mm or 18mm + NEX adapter combination I have tried.

It is time to start my Christmas wishlist.:-)
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 04-15-13 2:44 PM

Greetings Vic,
I mounted my CZ Hologon 8/16 CG to my Sony NEX-7 with mechanical only Kippon adapter (photos by Wa-pno):



I needed to cut off ears of lens to mount it with Sony NEX. It is very similar operation with addapting mechanically the same lens for Leica-M mount.

Dr Nasse wrote that diagonal inclination angle for FF is about 55 deg. For Sony APS-C it is inclination angle about 65 deg, which produce much of magenta cast with digital sensor. I believe that mounting Hologon lens with nowdays FF digital sensor would be much more difficult.

Thanks for sharing Your thought with me :) See more photos from You and I hope Hologon would become more common lens in short time.

Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Victor Luk on 04-14-13 6:45 PM

Hi Aquilan,

I am also a NEX7 owner and have read that article sometime back. I guess Zeiss may consider a digital Hologon if Sony can establish their rumored FF NEX. Maybe the upcoing E mount 12mm is a step in that direction.

Did you mount a Hologon on a NEX for the sample photo? Thanks for sharing!

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