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What is the next step from Zeiss ?

By Jt

Lets face it, the glass is amazing. What is the next logical step for them ? New focal length, AF? ????

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Reply from Jim Craig on 04-5-13 9:29 PM

I am curious to see how the AF on the new upcoming line of lenses for mirror-less cameras will perform. Then if more camera makers will introduce full frame sensors in the smaller mirror-less bodies that may be the direction that will interest me.
Reply from Johan on 04-4-13 12:37 PM

I hope for a 200/2 1:1 APO Macro. It will cost an arm and a leg for sure.
Reply from Carol How on 03-6-13 1:19 PM

Interesting Rainer, but if Auto Focus leads to compromise, then why are they producing auto focus for Sony NEX and Fuji?
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 03-4-13 12:17 AM

Greetings, maybe if not to produce a MF with focal length 180mm (with better MTF), maybe we may interested to get interested in another Apo-Distagon, this time Apo-Distagon 1.4/35? I know we haven't got announcement of Apo-Distagon 1.4/55, but all of our readers could conclude that current Distagon 1.4/35 do not have much of Apo functionality in the practice (it is still great lens in field of contrast and needs only a little more time in postproduction).. It isn't something with alien technology like Apo-Distagon 1.4/24 or F-Distagon 2/10. I believe that I next Apo-lens would be Apo-Sonnar 1.4/85 :) How do You think so?

best regards, WZ.
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 03-3-13 11:04 PM

I don't see some new longer telephoto lenses on the horizon to come from Zeiss, because it will be not very economical to produce them within an reasonable price range. There are enough very good to excellent telephoto glasses from ALL major camera manufacturers already on the market!

Yes, they can, but no they won't!

Furthermore, autofocus leads more or less into certain optical and mechanical quality compromises, and this will be not acceptable for Zeiss!
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 03-3-13 7:10 AM

I wish to see some lighter and more entry level lens like Sonnar 2.8/180. I believe that Apo-Sonnar 2/200 and Apo-Sonnar 2.8/300 would cost a fortune (at least 150% of Apo-Distagon 1.4/55). Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Martin Wouterlood on 03-2-13 1:55 PM

Of your options here, yes...but my preference would be a slightly longer apo around 230mm, otherwise for me it's too close to the 135 to contemplate both. F2.8 would be plenty for selective focus, even for brightness, and also not so bulky, heavy and dare I say it, expensive.

I'd also like to see the orphaned 120 ApoMakroPlanar for Contax645 reincarnated for 24x36 in similar field of view (75-80mm) at f2.8, keep the 1:1 that for me would be a nice development of a lens that was really a stand out one-off...that, or just start making the thing in ZF/ZE mount (sorry, personal carried-away rave over).
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