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Zeiss Apo-sonnar f2 135 ZF2

Zeiss Apo-sonnar f2 135 ZF2

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Posted: 02-25-13 8:50 AM - Views: 2173

By: James

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Hi all , I received my new 135 last Friday , I'm really happy with it .

I thought some of you might have being looking for some images of this lovely lens , I hardly found any till I got it , so I posted some on my Flickr .
I hope it helps evaluate how this excellent lens performs . I will soon have better photographs to show ;-)



Reply from Dan Macdonald on 04-10-13 1:42 AM

Here are a few images from my ZF 135 which just arrived on the 9th. All taken with a D800E. I'll be adding images all this week and for the next few weeks. What I've seen so far reinforces what Lloyd Chambers has said about the lens. Sorry, there probably won't ever be any heavily backlit shots. I just don't do those. Within the next few weeks I'm sure there will be plenty enough images online from which to make a judgment.

Reply from James on 02-28-13 2:41 PM

I posted some simple CA tests on Flickr , hope they are useful ;-)
Reply from Antonio on 02-28-13 3:50 AM

Some backlight shots need to see how APO work. come on
Reply from Ivan R. on 02-27-13 9:15 PM

thanks for the samples! How do you find it? is it fringing sometimes? purple -green. Blur characteristics? This is very nice portrait lens.
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