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Some new features

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Some new features

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 01-28-13 6:34 PM - Views: 853

By: Zeiss Images

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The scoring has changed to a 1 to 10 scale.
The ability to display thumbnails sorted by Date or Views
The ability to show more or less detail under each thumbnail
The ability to cast only one vote for a photo in a competition if it ever came to that again.
The ability to combine search criteria and perform complex searches.
The ability to turn on and off the featured photo on the home page.
and a few performance enhancements that went into play after another site with more than 400k combined images started using this software.

Replies ...

Reply Nr.5 from Wojciech Zielinski on 02-2-13 4:29 AM

Thanks Jorge for getting back MTF :) I see that You reduced size of max size of one uploaded photo, but sensor becomes larger and larger ;) How do You recommend, to reduce size or use larger compression of details?
Reply Nr.4 from Zeiss Images on 02-1-13 6:51 PM

mtf back under the Info menu and on photo pages.
Reply Nr.3 from Zeiss Images on 02-1-13 6:39 PM

oops. will get mtf back up
Reply Nr.2 from Wojciech Zielinski on 01-31-13 2:17 PM

could I ask what happend to my favorite MTF site? could You, Jorge, bring it up?
thanks a lot,
best regards, WZ.
Reply Nr.1 from Carol How on 01-29-13 11:06 AM

Site is looking better all the time.
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