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Totally Unrelated to Photography

By Jt

Just like the title say's. Unrelated to photography. Here is my boy competeing today at the Bach Festival.

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Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 02-2-13 4:25 AM

Very nice performance, tempo of play resembles me great pianist like Edwin Fischer in 'The Welltempered Clavier' :) I wish to see Your son plays with Harpsichord, I prefer the Harpsichord performances but this (with piano) was very, very well balanced.
Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Phil on 01-29-13 9:54 PM

Very nice!!!
Reply from Jt on 01-27-13 9:31 AM

Reply from Antonio on 01-27-13 1:56 AM

SUPER, great memory without sheet music..Bravo
Reply from Debbie Abbott Elias on 01-27-13 12:08 AM

Impressive. :)
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