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The Synthesis of Chinese Landscape Painting and PhotographyBy George DeWolfe & Lydia Goetze

By Steve Watson

I found this very fascinating:

Never sure if anyone is really interested in these Postings. Let me know one way or the other so that I do not waste my time.


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Reply from Carol How on 12-24-12 3:23 PM

Hi Steve, I think the more ideas we can float, the more we can really express our individual feelings or ideas about any subject. Personally speaking, the link truly is fascinating. Thanks for such thoughtful contributions to this site!
Reply from Steve Watson on 12-24-12 9:20 AM

Thanks for responding and a Happy Christmas Holiday. Regards Steve
Reply from Victor Luk on 12-24-12 7:39 AM

Hi Steve,

I highly appreciate you share what you found on the net (or other means), that to me is the main reason to join a Forum. Thank you & Happy Holidays!

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