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Sony Alpha SLT-A99 In-Depth Review - On DPReview

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 In-Depth Review - On DPReview

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Posted: 12-13-12 7:19 AM - Views: 1641

By: Steve Watson

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For those of you that do not surf the Internet much, DPReview has just published its review of this new Flagship Sony Full Frame model. As one might have hoped, High ISO performance has been greatly improved. Seems a wonderful camera to me plus all of those tasty Zeiss lenses.



Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 02-16-13 2:57 AM

I don't care much about all these test reports, I am old enough and I have the experiences to be able to know what I need and want.

If I had to start all over buying me another camera, the SONY A99 would be for sure, my favorite camera!
Reply from Oleg Hutsalenko on 01-3-13 12:52 PM

I film on a850 somy upgrade is iminent. First of all a99 is a video tool. Uncompressed hdmi is a good thing.
Reply from Zeiss Images on 12-20-12 9:26 AM

I hear you. just like the nikon D4 is great but if you have a D3S its not worth it in my eyes. I only have a D4 because of a good deal.
Reply from Steve Watson on 12-20-12 3:47 AM

No plans at the moment Jorge but admit to being a bit frustrated with Canon not keeping up with the Market. The Canon EOS 5D Mk.III is is OK but as a upgrade I just cannot see it is worth the money VS the Mk.II.

Reply from Zeiss Images on 12-19-12 9:26 AM

Any plans on getting one? My friend has one and absolutely loves it.
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