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Filmed w/ the Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2 ZE

Filmed w/ the Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2 ZE

Category: Video from DSLR's

Posted: 11-10-12 6:03 PM - Views: 1129

By: April Marshall

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I just wanted to post and recommend this lens for its natural color reproduction, it is just wonderful. I had a chance to film video with on my 60D, and the result was beautiful and loved. The video below is all native color to really represent what the Zeiss lenses are capable of. I'd recommend it completely to anyone wanting that natural, contrast look that pops of life! Thanks for reading and please forward your browser to this link here to watch the video, all my best and again, thanks!



Reply from Carol How on 11-12-12 12:52 PM

Its a beautiful video! I'd like to know what kind of lighting you used for it. ie was there any supplemental lighting?
Reply from Jt on 11-11-12 7:43 PM

Very nice.

If you edit your post and look at the code you will see how to embed a vimeo video.
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