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SONY NEX FF with ZM??? Wow....

SONY NEX FF with ZM??? Wow....

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Posted: 08-18-12 2:53 AM - Views: 1883

By: Devid Mosca

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Maybe I'm going too fast, but if this rumor is true, a Sony NEX full frame, with EVF and focus peaking, and a good kit of ZM lenses, will be a dream that comes true.... I keep finger crossed!


Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 01-6-13 12:10 PM

we have already first FF E-mount Handycam VG-900 annouced (and sent to reviewers):

Like previous ones handycams, it would let to take photos. Maybe it isn't most ergonomic body shape but for first impression for FF-NEX performance it is be great opportunity :)
I am currious about results with manual full frame Zeiss lenses (C/Y, ZF, ZF2 line or even Aus Jena or MasterPrimes. BTW. Who could afford LWZ? :) ) Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Devid Mosca on 09-11-12 10:30 AM

Hi JT, the new Sony RX1 is worthing a post from you... or not? ;-) Strange design a Sonnar 35mm f2 or not?

BYe, Devid
Reply from Devid Mosca on 09-10-12 10:26 AM

a nice first step...
Reply from Jt on 08-20-12 10:37 AM

If this turns out to be true it would be a great thing. But as most rumors go, I wont hold my breath. None the less a full frame NEX would be the ultimate!
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