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Ex- Contax G users... where did you go next?

Ex- Contax G users... where did you go next?

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Posted: 11-18-11 8:54 AM - Views: 2301

By: Federico

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If you had a Contax G, loved the lenses but moved on to M bodies because of better ergonomics, what lenses did you purchase for your new system? How did they compare to the Contax G glass?


Reply from Ian on 04-16-14 11:27 AM

I still have my G2 with 3 lenses,90, 45 and 28 which I love, I moved to a 5D ii with various lenses and the Zeiss 21mm f2.8, but now I seem to be using my X-Pro1 more and more but can't decide on which Zeiss lens to buy!! I was never really to happy with the 5D's sharpness
Reply from Ibraar Hussain on 02-9-14 2:32 PM

"better Ergonomics" on an M body? ?
Reply from Luigi Bargiacchi on 12-23-13 2:05 PM

Staying with G by all means, I'll never be an ex-.
Reply from Dez on 12-15-13 10:22 PM

I have and use both the Contax G and Leica M systems. I think the Contax 90 and the 90 Elmarit-M are about equal. I prefer the Contax 45mm to the 50mm Summicron, but also prefer the 50mm summilux ASPH to both. The current ZM 2/35 is better than both the 35 summicron ASPH and the contax 35. The 28 summicron ASPH is in a different league than the Contax 28.
Reply from Robert on 12-8-13 3:47 PM

I want a digital back for my G.
Reply from Jt on 12-7-13 4:57 PM

My friend is using is G glass on his new Sony A7
Reply from Karl on 12-7-13 4:29 PM

I have, and use, both systems. I'm not sure that the M bodies have better ergonomics.
However, I prefer the G system glass, particularly the 45 and 28.
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