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is CZ Jena Biotar T* 58 f/2 a good lens?

is CZ Jena Biotar T* 58 f/2 a good lens?

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Posted: 04-3-11 10:46 AM - Views: 2817

By: Martin

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hello, i'm a nikon user atm. one guy in my place is offering a Contax D/VEB SLR with a Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 58mm f/2 with red T*. The combo is in excellent condition, with leather case and some other stuff, and the price is 160 bucks. i'm wondering if this is a good deal, and more important, is this a good lens? I am probably not going to shoot with this camera now. my interest is to use the lens on micro4/3 system or nikon system.
btw, nikon sucks on adapters.... i have to use an adapter with infinity focus correction glass in it.

Thanks for your help.


Reply from Martin on 04-6-11 8:21 PM

anyway, i've got this lens and the contax camera. really fun.
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