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RAW Conversion with Canon DPP

RAW Conversion with Canon DPP

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Posted: 11-26-10 9:22 PM - Views: 1984

By: Zeiss Images

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[size=14]RAW Conversion with Canon DPP[/size] Many of the ZeissImages.com members use the Canon EOS 5D Mk.II in conjunction with Zeiss lenses. In discussions with several people, it seems that the Bundled Software that comes with this camera is used in preference to Third Party Digital Processing Software. Steve, known here as (www.zeissimages.com/usersummary.php?uid=647]bajanexile) decided to have a close look at the very latest version of Canon's Digital Photo Processing software, Version and has put together a Methodology that may be useful to some of the users of this software.

Please Note: This Methodology has been written by Steve to help the members of this site and in no way reflects any specific endorsement of or by Canon Products, Canon Digital Photo Processing Software or ZeissImages.

The document can be found www.zeissimages.com/docs/RAWConversionswithCanonDPP.pdf HERE


Reply from Steve Watson on 12-7-10 8:36 AM

Thanks for the feedback Philippe. Regards Stephen
Reply from Philippe Philber on 12-6-10 5:00 AM

Very good work, Steve! Don't I wish that all manuals were that useful!
Reply from Steve Watson on 12-1-10 1:14 AM

Thanks JT, Rick and poyin. Canon's DPP is an excellent bit of software and more than capable of showing off one's images to best advantage. We have all purchased various publications like "Photoshop for Dummies" ETC. ETC. but if you are like me, after a few pages, you just want to get on and actually do something with your image. Ever tried to read a VHS or DVD Recorder Manual? Another lost cause! Like everything in life, if you can just get started, then perfection comes with practice. Thanks anyway. Stephen
Reply from Zeiss Images on 11-30-10 8:46 PM

Agree. It was great of Steve to spend the time on this document and share it with the community. Thanks Steve!
Reply from Rick Perry on 11-30-10 11:00 AM


Absolutely Enlightening - Thanks.

Reply from Po Yin Ho on 11-30-10 10:22 AM

this is REALLY very very useful
thanks for the article Steve!
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