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Subject: 35mm Zeiss is a MM lens or not?

Category: Techniques and Tips

Posted: 10-26-10 12:58 PM

By: Emmanuel

Hi there,
I own a Contax AX with planar 1.7 50mm and Distagon 2.8 35mm.
It seems program works only with MM lenses;this is the case normally: , but P mode doesn't work with the 35mm.
Notice that the smallest diaph is not written in green on the 35mm , but it is on the 50mm
Is there several Distagon 35mm at Zeiss?
Thank you.

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Reply from Paolo on 12-16-10 8:54 AM

Yes, programs only work with MM lenses. C/Y mount lenses exists in two versions: AE and MM. MM is a more recent version made to work with bodies allowing programs. Both your lenses exist in AE and MM versions. Here you can find a good C/Y lenses database:
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