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The focus ring doesn't decouple on my 135/1.8 ZA YIKES!!!

The focus ring doesn't decouple on my 135/1.8 ZA YIKES!!!

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Posted: 09-15-10 10:44 PM - Views: 2042

By: James

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While in AF the manual focus ring turns, but when useing my 85ZA or 35G which have the same decoupling MF ring system as the 135 they work fine there MF rings do not turn, I have tried both a Maxxum 7D and a700, has anyone else had this problem?


Reply from James on 09-16-10 7:43 PM

Yeah I've got a problem, I tried googling breifly but did not see anything like this, I wonder how the mechanism works (solenoid? servo? electromagnetic?) and what happened to make it not work I can't see any physical signs of damage or even any wear it looks new, before I bought the lens I read online that some people had problems with the metal ring at the very front of the lens coming loose, so when buying this lens I checked for that I shook it and tapped on it, it seems very solid so I bought it. I can work on cars and stereo equipment and computers and vacuums but I can just imagine unscrewing the mount of this lens and having about 100 ball berings and gears and springs come shooting out so I am not going to try. I am very satisfied with the image quality, I'm just a little ill with the idea I paid top dollar for this thing and its defective.
Reply from Zach Blake on 09-16-10 6:32 PM

Both the 85 and 135 should have the focus ring decoupled when in auto focus. It should not turn when auto focusing. you have a problem.
Reply from James on 09-16-10 2:47 PM

I bought it used a couple weeks ago I checked it on my Maxxum 7D (all I had at that time) my maxxum 7D's AF is really inacurate so I just use it in MF most of the time so when buying the 135 I totally forgot to check the AF. Later that day I tried it in AF and found that the focus ring was turning (meaning you have to hold the lens weird because that focus ring is so big), I thought maybe it was the software of my camera which preceded the lens, I got a good deal on an a700 last night on craigs list (the camera is in stellar shape) I tried the 135 on the a700 and it spins just like on the 7D so its not the software.
Reply from Zeiss Images on 09-16-10 9:10 AM

Well, the 135 and 85 are different when it comes to the focus. The 135 is internal vs the 85. Could this be the difference you are seeing? Did you just notice this for the first time?
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