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Subject: Alpha mount question

Category: lenses

Posted: 05-23-10 8:21 AM - Views: 1520

By: Zach Blake

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Hello all, I'm looking for some insight.

I shoot a Sony A700 and have the CZ85 1,4; CZ135 1,8; and the 16-80 3,4-4,5; plus a CZ Jena Flektogon 35 2,4 (M42).

Am I correct in the belief that my only option for different focal length CZ lens's is the M42 adaptor route? I'm not really interested in the 24-70 or the 16-35 zooms.
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Reply from Jt on 05-23-10 8:39 AM

Well, I think Sony will soon be selling a new Zeiss 24mm prime. But there is no release date yet.

However, you may want to look at [url=] THIS LINK[/url] for some alternative solutions.


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