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Zeiss Lens Giveaway!

Zeiss Lens Giveaway!

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Posted: 05-14-10 8:19 AM - Views: 3917

By: Jt

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[size=16][color=red]Free Lens ![/color][/size] Spread the word and help us get members using the gallery to showcase their work. Once we reach 200 members. I will host a photo contest and the lucky winner will be given a brand new Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZF or ZE lens! If I can swing a deal on a ZM version I will throw that into the options.http://www.zeissimages.com/gallery/4/U4I1273847269.SEQ.0.jpg


Reply from Peter on 07-29-10 10:49 PM

Hallo there, I just would like to be sure: does the "contest deadline on 1st of August" mean I can still upload contest photos through 1st of August?

Thanks for help,
Reply from Jt on 06-18-10 7:26 AM

Here is what the rules say

[b][i]You can submit up to 3 photographs per category to the following categories. Landscape, Glamor, People, Nature and City/Architecture.[/i][/b]

Architecture is in there with city.

Good luck guys!

BTW, I will not be judging any of the photos.
Reply from Steve Watson on 06-18-10 3:54 AM

You are probably right, but I will await confirmation otherwise many of my current images do not fit a defined Category. Also, can you submit images already posted as say, Architectural, in Contest-City for the competition, or do you need to shoot or submit new images? There are many beautiful architectural opportunites in small villages and towns i.e. not strictly in a City. I believe that to be classified as a City, a metropolis must have a Cathedral? Regards Stephen
Reply from Philippe Philber on 06-18-10 1:21 AM

My guess is that you can post in "cityscape", Stephen. After all it stands to reason that pictures will be judged more on merit than on how they fit a certain category. At least that is how I see until JT says otherwise.
Reply from Steve Watson on 06-18-10 1:08 AM

I have been meaning to ask this question for a few weeks now, why is Architecture not one of the categories for this competition yet Glamour is? I would have thoght that Glamour would be very much a miniority genre as far as the membership of this site is concerned (how many of us have access to models?) where as, ANYONE can shoot archetectural images at no cost to themselves. From my selfish perspective, it is one of my major interests. Regards Stephen
Reply from Jt on 06-6-10 10:00 AM

I believe they make a universal version with a threaded mount so it can take a separate adaper.
Reply from Jt on 06-4-10 10:09 PM

I will send you guys a link so you can test.
Reply from Philippe Philber on 06-4-10 9:56 PM

I think it is a good idea IMHO. If only because, on other forums, Zeiss owners are a very small percentage of total members, unlike here.
Reply from Jt on 06-4-10 12:54 PM

I have such a section that I wrote. I just don't know if people would like that in here. I could have it going in minutes.
Reply from Mitchell on 06-4-10 12:46 PM

ZeissMan I have a 50mm 1.4mm ZF as well as their 50 Makro f2 ZF, so I would mind parting with the f1.4...you should have a "sell and buy" section.
Reply from Jt on 05-29-10 2:05 PM

Here you go ....

Reply from Jt on 05-26-10 9:06 AM

Details will be posted this weekend.
Reply from Jt on 05-25-10 1:38 PM

yeap. I will be posting the details within the next few days. Stay tuned. :)
Reply from Derek on 05-25-10 12:53 PM

It looks like we have reached 200+ members!
Reply from Jt on 05-22-10 8:02 PM

Quite possibly. Lets see who wins first :)
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-22-10 3:20 PM

Hey, I have one of those already, as you can see from the Venice pictures I uploaded today. Any way I can get credit towards another Zeiss baby?
Reply from Phil on 05-22-10 12:24 PM

Hey there Zach!! Good to see ya here!
Reply from Zach Blake on 05-22-10 9:17 AM

I'm in. Glad I found this site. Finally a photography site that has more pictures than anything else. Thats what its all about. Looking forward to the challenge!
Reply from Jt on 05-21-10 5:59 PM

So could I. :) I don't currently have a 50 other than my Nikon.
Reply from Nathan on 05-21-10 3:04 PM

I could use one of those :)
Reply from Andrew on 05-21-10 12:43 PM

Just joined )
Reply from Jt on 05-21-10 11:25 AM

38 more members and the contest begins :)
Reply from Carsten Guenther on 05-21-10 10:59 AM

That sounds great - which you many luck!
regards C+
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