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Identifying specific versions

Identifying specific versions

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Posted: 05-14-10 12:03 AM - Views: 2007

By: Philippe Philber

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Not that I want to permanently appear dissatisfied, but, as this site is targeted as a "specialty" Zeiss images site, it would be nice if viewers could differentiate between lenses that share the same FL. Such as the 35mm C/Y f:2.8, C/ 35mm f:1.4, Biogon 35mm and Z* 35mm. The same applies to 50mm f:1.4, 50mm f:1.7, 50mm f:2.0, to Planar 85mm Vs Sonnar 85mm...


Reply from Jt on 05-16-10 9:41 AM

By the way, on the home page you can now do a quick search for photos taken with the lenses in the list.

Instead of listing all known lenses to select from, you will only see a list of lenses that members have actually assigned to their photos. This makes for a shorter list and easier to scroll through.

Reply from Phil on 05-15-10 5:09 PM

Oops. Never mind what I just said above!! I was typing/posting while you fixed it!!

Yes, it is working correctly now. I just checked the pictures and they now have the correct lens type!

Thank you Zeiss Man JT.

Reply from Phil on 05-15-10 5:06 PM

Hi JT (Zeiss Man), yeah it's pretty odd but I think I discovered a little more. It only happens to my own pictures/account. I have 3 pictures with 2 different ZA lenses and they all say they same Distagon 40 type when I'm logged in. When logged out, it correctly shows/identifies the 2 different lenses. When I looked at someone else's pix, it "correctly" identifies their lenses whether I'm logged in or out. Perhaps the incorrect lens type only happens to my own pictures/account and not the other person's pictures/accounts(?).

Earlier while testing/debugging, I also cleared my IE8 browser cache/password/cookies/formdata/everything... and it has the same issue after that. I also tried this website on my Nokia PDA cell phone (Symbian OS) and it has the same issue (incorrect lens type when logged in and correct after logging out). So... it might be related to my own account/pictures only(?) When I view the other people's pictures whether logged in or out, their lens type will be correct (or stays the same and doesn't change).


Reply from Jt on 05-15-10 4:57 PM

Found the problem and I believe I have fixed it. In a nutshell, I was using the same variable name for two different things. big no no.
Reply from Jt on 05-15-10 2:49 PM

Well, I just logged out and logged in again. It shows the 24-70 ZA. If you run into this again, please provide as much detail as you can so I can investigate. Very odd. Regardless, bugs do pop up now and then and only with your feedback, can I fix them.
Reply from Phil on 05-15-10 2:42 PM

Hi again, I just noticed something unusual. If I'm logged in it shows the incorrect Distagon 40 lens type. After I have logged out it will then show the correct 24-70ZA lens type. Thanks.
Reply from Phil on 05-15-10 1:40 PM

Hey guys, I just noticed something ~unusual a few minutes ago. I have the Pixel Peep pix in the gallery but it says it's using the "Superrotator Zeiss Distagon T* IF f4.0 40mm" lens. It's supposed to be the "24-70ZA.." lens though (I selected this yesterday/earlier when uploading the pix). Not sure why it became this other lens. So I have just tried to reset/reselect the 24-70ZA but it's still says Distagon 40. Please help! Thanks.
Reply from Jt on 05-14-10 10:15 PM

Ok, ok :)
They are there now :)
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-14-10 9:44 PM

Thanks, Zeiss Man! That is quick service!!! But I couldn't find the ZE 50MP and 100MP on the list...
You are going to think: this guy is really a pain in the....
But I did go back and re-input lenses in all my pics...:-)
Reply from Jt on 05-14-10 7:54 PM

Your suggestion was taken!

Since this is a site for hosting pictures taken with Zeiss gear, I have added a feature to allow the member to be more detailed with his or her photo EXIF data. Now, when you upload a photo, once you are in the Photo Edit window, you can select which specific lens was used. I have compiled a list of all Zeiss lenses to select from. Then when someone is viewing the photo, the lens is described in the lens detail section. [url=][b]For and example click here.[/b][/url]
Reply from Jt on 05-14-10 7:19 AM

So, maybe a drop down list to select from in the edit photo option window?
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