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Which theme do you use?

Which theme do you use?

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Posted: 05-13-10 12:10 PM - Views: 1066

By: Jt

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Just curious as to which theme you use.

I like the Dark Night theme since it makes the photos standout really nicely. However, the Silver theme is nice for text as well. Too bad we can't have it both ways :(


Reply from Clifford on 06-16-10 7:49 AM

use the dark
Reply from Po Yin Ho on 06-16-10 1:16 AM

i use and prefer the dark night theme
Reply from Jt on 06-15-10 9:11 AM

I think I prefer the silver theme now. I can't make up my mind.
Reply from Viorel Udma on 05-24-10 5:32 AM

Reply from Jt on 05-19-10 9:22 PM

Well, At least my efforts were not wasted :) As long as someone is using it I'm ok with that. Maybe time for some gold ....
Reply from Daryl on 05-19-10 5:23 PM

Silver.....am I the only one? Black on white (light) is easier on my eyes than white on black. Also, black backgrounds make for a more "confined look" to the screen real estate, although I have no evidence to support this....just my perception. Now that I think about it, I am okay with being the only Silver, it's kinda nice to have this to myself:-)
Reply from Jt on 05-18-10 9:56 PM

I made Dark Night the default theme.
Reply from Phil on 05-15-10 12:04 AM

I just switched to Dark Night a few seconds ago :)
Reply from Akiva on 05-13-10 8:33 PM

Dark night is for me.
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