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Do you like the format?

Do you like the format?

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Posted: 05-12-10 10:10 AM - Views: 1115

By: Philippe Philber

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For a Website dedicated to displaying the performance of paramount lenses; it seems to me that this site does not allow viewing pictures with the desired size and quality level. What is it I am missing?


Reply from Steve Watson on 05-22-10 1:12 PM

To be honest, images posted to this or most other websites really only give everyone a flavour of what it is all about. In my experience, if you really want to judge the real IQ then there is no substitute for looking at large high quality prints. Many people have megabuck cameras and view their images on very cheap uncalibrated monitors. Someone on this website claims to use a 42" monitor. Not seen one of those before and you would have to sit 8 ft or more away from such a device. Stephen
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-12-10 11:40 PM

Format is much better, Zeiss Man. Tomorrow I will upload some more to take full advantage of the bandwidth and size, and that should be fine.
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-12-10 11:28 PM

Thanks Zeiss Man, I will upload a couple of pics and see what they look like..
Reply from Jt on 05-12-10 5:52 PM

I have extended the width of images up to 1500 pixels wide. I will work on a feature that would allow even larger but would require you to click on the image to enlarge it. For now, the 1500 will have to do.

Reply from Jt on 05-12-10 11:43 AM

This can be addressed. What limitation would you like to remove? I can allow wider pictures. No problem at all. If this is what you would like to see than I can implement tonight.

The reason for smaller images was to keep the page uniform. I am open to suggestions.
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