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Want to see sharp? The resolving power of the Zeiss 35mm f2 ZF

Want to see sharp? The resolving power of the Zeiss 35mm f2 ZF

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Posted: 05-11-10 9:12 PM - Views: 4347

By: Jt

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Here are just a few pictures showing what this lens can do.

First is the full image then a 100% crop from a section.


Bottom Right



Top Left



Reply from Nunya on 06-22-10 4:58 PM

If you really want to see sharpness, make some images with a Fuji 6x9 rangefinder, loaded with Pan F 50, and expose at around f11. Develop it in Perceptol. Crazy sharp. Stupid sharp. But... not Zeiss.

The reason I choose Zeiss glass is not for sharpness alone. It is the micro-contrast... the way the lenses render things in a 3D fashion, along with the fact that the lenses tend to be relatively sharp at maximum aperture. I like to shoot at or near maximum aperture.
It's relatively easy for lens manufacturers to create sharp lenses. The Zeiss lenses, in my experience, simply have a signature, if you will, that I find pleasing.
Reply from Phil on 06-20-10 9:34 PM

ok I'll tag along to say how sharp a Z lens is. :)
Below is a random picture (test shot) of a box...

Below is a 1:1 crop (pixel peep) of the middle area from same picture above...
Check out the halftone/whatever pattern hiding on that box. We almost can use the Z lens as a magnifying glass :)
(A850, ZA 24-70 at 70 mm)

Bye :)


Reply from Jt on 06-16-10 1:38 PM

How about ... Just about any Zeiss lens :)
Reply from Philippe Philber on 06-16-10 12:37 PM

Ok, you are right. I should have written, the non-Makro wide angle lens that gives the sharpest look. If that is still not accepted, I give up...
Reply from Jerome on 06-16-10 6:33 AM

The 135 f/1.8 is quite sharp too...
Reply from Philippe Philber on 06-15-10 3:50 AM

You are right, it is the non-Makro lens that gives the sharpest look...
Reply from Martin on 06-14-10 11:49 PM

THe Zeiss ZF35 is sharp, but its not "give the sharpest look in the Zeiss range."
The 100mm Makro-Planar has that covered.
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-13-10 10:50 PM

35 Z* is the WA that gives the sharpest look in the Zeiss range
Reply from Jt on 05-13-10 8:52 PM

Zeiss 35mm f2 ZF.
Reply from Akiva on 05-13-10 8:39 PM

What lens did you use?
Reply from Philippe Philber on 05-11-10 10:41 PM

Yes, Zeiss lenses are sharp. Some of them are very sharp indeed. But I am not sure that sharpness is why people buy them, as there are other lenses in the market, some of which are cheaper and/or offer autofocus
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