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Time for you to cast a vote!

Time for you to cast a vote!

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Posted: 12-28-17 11:15 AM - Views: 932

By: Jt

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[size=22]Cast your Vote ![/size]

The contest is closed and is now open to voting. Please cast your vote and be part of the process. Lots of great photos from great photographers.

View them all [url=https://www.zeissimages.com/standardgallery.php?photocategoryid=46&showall]HERE


Reply from Walter Schoffthaler on 01-2-18 8:03 AM

Thank you for your infomation, Torralba!

- When will the results be announced?

- I would like to take this opportunity to thank J. Torralba for providing "a place to be" (ZeissImages.Com) - for the opportunity to compete in this yearly contest - and wish everyone here a Happy New Year!
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