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Start earning your points !

Start earning your points !

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Posted: 01-16-17 8:53 PM - Views: 688

By: Jt

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Have you looked at your profile lately? Have you seen how many points you have so far? Well, if not, you should. Establishing levels and points will have an impact on future benefits of being a member on the site.

There will be certain point requirements for competing in future contests and other perks we will offer.

Points can be accumulated by being an active member on the site. For example, you get points for every photo you post, comments you post, comments you receive, likes and so on. Heck, you even get bonus points for completing your profile. Completing your profile simply means, having a first name, last name, city and a profile photo besides the default one.

To see what points you get for your activity, visit your profile page by clicking on your image on the top right of the page and then hover over the blue information "i" near the bottom right of the page.

Eventually points can be used for discounts with our sponsors. But most importantly, points can be used to qualify for upcoming contests.
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