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Lens support for Zeiss Contax CY mount

By James Mersereau

Recently purchased a Zeiss Vario-Sonar 80-200 / F4 and now I'm wondering whether or not there's a lens collar, foot, or support that can be mounted to it? Maybe someone's been ingenious enough to figure that out... but it looks like a stretch. Just wondering what others have done. Suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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Reply from Jt on 06-14-18 7:37 AM

Post some pictures. Want to see it :)

Reply from Picman on 06-13-18 11:50 AM

I now have had the novoflex mount for several months and can confirm it is absolutely perfect.

Reply from Dalton Hobbs on 06-12-18 11:43 PM

I would also be interested in a collar that could replace the stock tripod mount.  The stock mount on a 300mm 1:4 Zeiss is very wobbly and provides little stability for the lens.

Reply from Picman on 01-14-18 12:00 PM

Hi, Maybe you could have a look at Novoflex. They have several collars to fit on lenses.

I've just ordered one myself for the Novoflex adapter from Contax C/Y to E-mount.

Cheers, Bob.

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