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Do you shoot with your 50mm ?

Do you shoot with your 50mm ?

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Posted: 08-22-16 10:31 AM - Views: 1751

By: Jt

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Is your favorite or most used focal length 50mm? Do you love it as much as I do which is a lotto say the least? If so, please join me on my new venture www.50mil.com and start posting. I know plenty of photos here can be HOF images on 50mil.com and we could sure use them since the site is so new. Have a look, join and start posting your pictures taken with a 50.


Reply from Frank Yantorno on 01-8-17 12:49 PM

On my Hasselblad 500CM (IGOR) I almost always use a Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/4 (for 30 years). Otherwise usually a (40 year old) 35mm Summicron with Leica M9-P (OSKAR).
Reply from Ibrahim Huskic on 12-25-16 4:05 AM

nothing beats my baby - Otus (55 1.8 FE ;)
Reply from Alan Taylor on 09-3-16 4:27 AM

Heading over there now!!
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