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Member based albums

Member based albums

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Posted: 01-22-16 9:23 PM - Views: 914

By: Jt

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What a great new feature I have just added.

How often do you see photos you want to remember and share with others? Like on many site, you can save photos to your favorites quite easily. However, this new feature is really cool. You can compile albums of photos you like from other members for quick viewing and sharing with your friends.

This is how it work.

From the "My" menu at the top of the page, select "My Member based Albums". You will then see the custom albums you have created.

Click on "EDIT MEMBER BASED ALBUMS" located on the title bar of the page.


Then click on the link "Click for new member album"


Enter the Album, name and save it.

Now, if you see a photo you like, simply select your custom album name from the drop list and click on Add to Album.


If you view a custom album you want to share, click on the album title to get the link for the album.


To remove photos from a custom album, view the album and click on the little red x in the thumbnails.


How cool is that ?
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