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What will it take to make ZeissImages your portfolio site?

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What will it take to make ZeissImages your portfolio site?

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Posted: 01-4-16 2:09 PM - Views: 2590

By: Zeiss Images

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There are many sites out there that give users the ability to host their portfolios. I would like to hear back from you on what it would take for you to host your portfolio here on zeissimages.

Please post your requirements into this forum thread so I can review them and see what I can do.



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Reply Nr.7 from James Mersereau on 09-19-16 6:27 PM

Curious what the status of this idea is. I've been using PBASE... which is rather dated technology and I'm looking at others like ZENFOLIO, Squarespace, etc. I think it matters what sort of system is behind the site, how easy it is to use, what sort of support there is, etc. I'm shooting Zeiss exclusively now... so I'm interested.
Reply Nr.6 from Dr. Harout Tanielian on 07-17-16 12:11 PM

Good idea.
Reply Nr.5 from Michael Gibbs on 02-28-16 7:11 AM

Hi JT,

Firstly, thanks for asking the question and putting so much effort into the site. My guess is that the more serious photographers here already have their own site to display a portfolio and those starting out don't perhaps need one. Perhaps something similar to the suggestion from ced could work for the site if it featured really fine images such as those from the HOF or MVP?

For myself I don't currently use Zeiss glass so much of the time which limits what I add to this site.

Kind regards,

Reply Nr.4 from Zeiss Images on 01-5-16 4:17 PM

I should have mentioned that it would be a free portfolio :) like it is now.
Reply Nr.3 from Odd Geir Saether on 01-5-16 1:06 PM

How many images should a portfolio contain?
Odd Geir
Reply Nr.2 from Cedric Muscat on 01-5-16 6:26 AM

Hello Jorge & Happy 2016.
Personally I have no use for a portfolio host but I guess there are members that do and maybe they can sell their images for a small commission to the site, this way a win/win for you and the member...
Reply Nr.1 from Odd Geir Saether on 01-4-16 2:55 PM

Hi JT - now, this sounds interesting, however although I usually master the English language quite well, I must confess I do not understand the question 100%. Can you please explain a bit more . . what shall I say . . like you would to an 8 year old boy? (I'm 75 next month you know . . :-) At any rate I'm going to Malawi next week, to make a promo video for an orphanage . . then a quick trip to Vilnius, finally back home Feb 4th. But I'm anyway pretty convinced that whatever you're suggesting it is something I will go for. I'll be ready for action around Feb 6th!

Odd Geir
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