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Peak Designs Everyday Messenger Bag

Peak Designs Everyday Messenger Bag

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Posted: 12-18-15 4:25 PM - Views: 1394

By: Jay Hemphill

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I got this bag a few days ago and I really love it! I use it with my A7 series cameras and it's fit an A7 body+vertical grip and 3-5 lenses depending on the size of them. It's very well made, and I think it looks slick. For me it'll be the perfect size to carry my A7RII with 55 1.8, and 35 1.4 lenses, tripod, accessories and a Nalgene full of water. I was having a really hard time finding a bag for the A7 series, they are either too big, too small, or the camera is not easy to access. For me this bag solves all the issues for a every day camera bag.


Reply from Brett Solberg on 02-4-16 6:01 AM

I was looking for a day bag for my RX1R2 and thought the Peak Designs bag looked awesome. But, like w0werine, I thought it was way too big, also. I ended up getting a Tenba DNA 11, which is very similar but quite a bit smaller. It holds my camera, accessories and iPad with no problem. I might even get the smaller DNA 8 for times when I don't need the iPad.
Reply from Ibrahim Huskic on 12-26-15 11:52 PM

I wish they had a slightly smaller bag, to me that one seams too big. My daily carrying setup is an A7Rii w 55mm Zeiss, and the RX100M3. When I buy it, sometimes I might only take the 35 1.4 with me, and leave the Sonnar at home :)
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