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Subject: Zeiss Blueprotect/Drivesafe

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 10-27-15 12:54 PM - Views: 1614

By: Abel

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Hey guys,

New to the forum, so i'm 10+ hours in front of the PC, went to the eyedoctor, and he recommended some Zeiss blueprotect lenses, however i can't find any reviews/forum posts about it, did any of you try it? is it worth it? its like 2x the price of any other lense brand, been also suggested the Zeiss drivesafe for driving, same thing there, not reviews, no nothing, so if you have experience with any of the above please let me know.

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Reply from Chris Frangoulides on 11-8-15 5:31 AM

Try this. I just ordered them. Top quality.


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