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A7R2 Pretty capable.

A7R2 Pretty capable.

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Posted: 08-10-15 8:37 PM - Views: 1168

By: Jt

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I grabbed this quick snapshot today with the 55mm 1.8 and a7r2. I guess auto focus does work :)




Reply from Jt on 11-29-15 9:03 AM

It's hardly a good photo. But it does show its resolving power.
Reply from John Mackuncon on 11-29-15 7:08 AM

I have ordered one and now waiting to get it delivered. I guess your photo demonstrate that I have made the right choice. Thanks for sharing.
Reply from Jt on 11-28-15 10:33 AM

Sorry to hear about the loss of the 55. It is awesome. I am waiting for the new 50 Milvus to arrive so I can compare them. At this point I am looking for even more versatility and may be turning to 100% adapted lenses.
Reply from Ibrahim Huskic on 11-28-15 2:36 AM

That sharpness is insane. I had my 55mm stolen with an A7 body. Now have the 7Rii and looking to buy this lens again.
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