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Sweet and bitter results with KOLARI VISION

Sweet and bitter results with KOLARI VISION

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Posted: 08-3-15 6:59 PM - Views: 3031

By: Wojciech Zielinski

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I wish to share my story about A7/A7R/A7S thin sensor filter modification with Kolari Vision. I decided to mod my A7 with their procedure. After getting back my camera from long journey to USA, I also got my order with Fotodiox's Tough ring. During replacement of the mount ring I got some small dust over my sensor. Every year I used to give my Sony camera for cleaning to CSI. I stared with my NEX-5, then NEX-7, now I use mainly my A7. CSI is largest and only one authorized service for Sony Cameras in Poland. It is also main authorized service for photographic products of Canon, Leica and video products of Sanyo. This was my 2nd time to clean sensor with my A7 this year but first after Kolari Vision modification.
Unfortunately it was not successfully this time. I was demonstrated that Kolari Vision didn't seal up their thin filter with sensor at borders and cleaning fluid went between sensor and their special thin glass filter. It wasn't recoverable with any service procedure (in Poland) so CSI replaced sensor with new one sealed sensor with original filter.
In summary It took two weeks to send my camera to USA and also it took 500$ payment for rush service at Kolari Vision. I had opportunity that my friend visited his family in USA so he kindly agreed to take my A7 and bring it back. Two week after release my camera from Kolari Vision I wrote an email to them if there is a chance to replace this filter again but with proper/better sealing up. I offered to pay 2nd time for their service and I reported everything as above but they hasn't replayed for 4 weeks yet.
I am not sure if I had just bad luck or if this procedure is so problematic but currently I believe I will try to invest my money with new A7RII than with Kolari Vision. It is a pity that they spend so much efforts for their promotion and they cannot manage some costumer care after getting back camera from them.
Best regards, WZ


Reply from Mustaffa on 10-9-15 1:02 AM

Glad they replied finally. But how good was your A7 after the conversion by Kolari?
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 08-14-15 10:08 AM

Maybe it isn't interesting for most of readers but after my post here - I got a message from Kolari Vision. They contacted me to help to convert my camera again. I feel to be obligated to post this information because if You are potential costumers, who read my post, it could be help to know that Kolari Vision helps, even there are some problems to mail back customers. Thanks You very much Kolari Vision.
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