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Problem with Zeiss 135mm f/2

Problem with Zeiss 135mm f/2

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Posted: 07-28-15 7:35 AM - Views: 1998

By: Dave Miller

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I was just wondering if anybody had had a problem with the internal chip on the 135mm (or any other Zeiss lenses). Mine worked fine for the first two months outdoors and using available light, but my first shoot in studio fried the chip.
Perhaps it was the Pocketwizard remote trigger or maybe the battery grip I was using. I'm not sure. I have sent lens back to Zeiss under warranty, but don't want to have this happen again.
Anybody else had their lens fail to work after attaching electronics?


Reply from Ibrahim Huskic on 11-28-15 2:36 AM

Would not wish this on anyone. Now hesitant with adapting used Zeiss Nikon lenses on Sony FE.
Reply from Adele Buttolph on 09-19-15 6:25 PM

I have problems with My 50mm f/2 zf.2. It just stopped communicating with the camera for no apparent reason. Last week, when I used it, it started working again, so I don't know if the issue really is with the chip or with the contacts. All of the contacts on both the lens and camera look fine. None of my other Zeiss lenses have had any issues.
Reply from Peter Rene Jensen on 09-1-15 7:49 AM

I have had this issue with the 135/2.0 and the 35/1,4 in ZF.2 version. Both had chip replaced by Zeiss during warranty, no explenation. Used on D800E and D810.
My Otus 55/1,4 may soon have to go as well, sometimes it flips to F32! during shooting...., whether on tripod or handheld. Gets back to working aparture by twisting lense gentle in the locked position. No notice, just a dark picture stating f32....and this was same symptoms on the others before failing completely.
Reply from Dave Miller on 08-17-15 8:56 AM

Lens was returned from Zeiss after three weeks and appears to be functioning normally again. They did not provide an explanation for the breakdown so I think I will ask the vendor to find out for me.
Reply from Philip Brindle on 08-1-15 10:54 PM

My two cents worth...I've never had a problem with the Zeiss 135mm, I'm using it on my D4S and D810. I find it rather it difficult to focus without a tripod and I think it's a weight thing, however no problems. I do have six other Zeiss lenses and no problems either, they are great, and well worth the investment. Good luck, I hope your new replacement works well...
Reply from Tim Way on 08-1-15 2:08 PM

I have had a chip problem in the past with one of their 50mm 1.4's. My Nikon showed Error when mounting the lens to body after using a different lens. It turned out to be a faulty chip. Zeiss did have a batch issue with a small amount of lenses but this showed up almost a year later with mine. My lens was still in warranty, just, . . . they sorted it under warranty without a quibble (great service). It's been rock solid since then : ) I work with PW's a lot and never had a problem relating them specifically.
Reply from Phillip Ferreira on 07-31-15 1:42 PM

Canon user here : never experienced such problem - sorry

does the camera display an error message? if so look in link below:

could be as simple as cleaning the lens contacts, but heard too of other horror stories regarding fired circuits while using after market products
Reply from Jt on 07-28-15 9:11 AM

I never experienced a problem with my Nikon version of the lens. The one advantage of the Nikon over the canon is that you can still control the aperture even if the chip is bad. Please let us know what Zeiss says.
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