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Help please: Zeiss 21mm ZF.2 with Nikon D810

Help please: Zeiss 21mm ZF.2 with Nikon D810

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Posted: 07-20-15 5:55 PM - Views: 2816

By: Tim Way

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Does your Zeiss 21mm critical focus at infinity with aperture set to 2.8 ?
I'm using LiveView at 100% magnification and it just doesn't go that little bit further to obtain full focus. This problem arose when I tried some Star Photography for the first time.
If you have a Nikon D810 and Zeiss ZF.2 and can try a daytime test for me, it would be very much appreciated. Just to confirm, I can obtain full focus at 2.8 on other lenses.


Reply from Geoff Murray on 02-24-16 7:19 AM

Yes, my 21mm ZF2 does reach infinity and a little bit beyond. If it's under warranty talk to the shop about it.
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