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Subject: Used ZEISS ZM glass; where to look for in Europe?

Category: lenses

Posted: 05-25-15 4:58 AM

By: Pansottin

Hello (my first post),

I´m looking for Used ZEISS ZM glass to work with a Sony A7 series. Recent or legacy lenses. I want to keep the Sony+Zeiss a lightweight combo .-)
Where to look for in Europe? eBay? Alternatives?

Thank you very much.

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Reply from Pansottin on 05-25-15 9:30 AM

Thanks a lot Torralba for the tips. I know R.W. .-)
Reply from Jt on 05-25-15 8:41 AM

I think Robert White would be a good source. He is in the UK. But do not limit yourself to Europe. Tony from does business regularly with the European market and is well known fr his excellent customer service and deals.
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