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Why confirmation focus isn't available using a Zeiss 85mm ZE when shooting video?

Why confirmation focus isn't available using a Zeiss 85mm ZE when shooting video?

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Posted: 02-24-15 11:11 AM - Views: 1318

By: Pansottin

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Hi, my first post.
I´ve been using the Zeiss ZE 85mm with a Canon 5D Mark III for stills. The focus confirmation green dot and sound inside the optical viewfinder of the camera is very useful for critical focus.

I´m now starting to shoot video and I´m using the camera back monitor while in video mode, I cannot see any focus confirmation or any sound.
The viewfinder isn't available while in video mode; just the back monitor.

I can use the magnification to critical focus, but I cannot see the usual green dot+sound confirmation as while taking stills.

Is this normal with this ZE lens or something is wrong with my unit?
If its normal and the visual/audible focus confirmation is just available while shooting still thru the viewfinder can I solve this problem with the use of EVF or external monitor?

This is very annoying
Thanks very much for any help.


Reply from Pansottin on 02-27-15 10:11 AM

Thank you Torralba.
It can with autofocus lens. Not the Zeiss ZE lens. The lens is manual only both in video or still mode.
But the confirmation works (shows in the viewfinder as I explained) when taking stills. The lens has electric contacts for that (and more) is spite of being a manual only focus lens (which is wonderful).
Reply from Jt on 02-27-15 10:05 AM

I read this

[quote]The focus confirmation uses the auto focus (AF) system, so any time that AF is not possible the confirmation light may fail.[/quote]

Can the camera auto focus in vido mode?
Reply from Pansottin on 02-26-15 3:15 PM

Any help please ,-)
Thank you very much.
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