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Data of Zeiss biogon 53mm F4.5

Data of Zeiss biogon 53mm F4.5

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Posted: 01-20-15 10:37 PM - Views: 4952

By: Chaohu

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Zeiss biogon 53mm F4.5
Hi, I am looking for the detailed data of this legendary vintage zeiss lens, especially the distance between the rear element to film.
I had checked here and there in internet, and yet find no one have mentioned it.
Thanks in advance for this information that may help.


Reply from Rick on 03-10-15 11:20 AM

Late to see this post, but the 53 Biogon, according to Zeiss, has a flange to film distance of 70.4mm at infinity focus.
My 53 Biogon measures approx 43mm from the flange to the back edge of the rear glass element.
That gives approx 27mm of distance to the film plane.
These lenses, as far as I know, were made exclusively for the Linhof 6x9cm Technika and Press cameras
but could be adapted to other cameras which accepted a suitably sized lens board.
Hope that helps, Rick
Reply from Chaohu on 01-22-15 11:34 PM

Thanks torralba!
Will try when I have the lens. Also send my inquiry to Zeiss AG. Hope they can send me some info.
I'll post the data later if they get back to me.
Reply from Jt on 01-22-15 10:23 PM

If you have the lens, you could focus the lens to its max extended position and measure from the back of the lens mount to the back of the lens. You could rest it on a flat surface and measure from flat surface to back of lens mount using a caliper. Then most cameras have a marking to indicate film/sensor plane to front of camera. Some simple math with those measurements should get what you need.
Reply from Chaohu on 01-21-15 11:28 PM

Thanks aquilan´╝ü
Will need a adapter if measure it with a digital sensor camera, right?
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 01-21-15 9:18 AM

As far as I know, this is lens of Linhof 6x9cm (or 4x5cm) camera system. Both camera has built-in bellow, which is used mainly for focusing but also for many additional effects. There is for sure some distance, measured from focal plane, where this lens could be focused at infinity - but practically it would be easier to measure it with an bellow and digital sensor camera :)
Best regards, WZ
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