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By Nick

Not so happy new year!

I called B&H where I bought lens - lens hood is NOT an accessory piece for the lens.

I e-mailed zeiss usa - they don't have any either. BUT you think they could put in some effort and request one from the folks at Cosina (??) where the lens is made. After all I did say I lost it by my own stupidity and am willing to pay whatever the cost is to replace it.

Can any one here suggest some other source?

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Reply from Nick on 01-11-15 1:55 PM

Thanks Torralba, I'll give him a ring tomorrow.
Reply from Jt on 01-11-15 12:08 PM

I would talk to Tony at He has a direct line to the director at Zeiss and may be able to help. 805-492-1628
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