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Fotodiox Sony Tough E-Mount

Fotodiox Sony Tough E-Mount

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Posted: 11-21-14 5:13 AM - Views: 1843

By: Steve Watson

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Never sure if anyone follows these postings but have you seen:

If you look carefully, you will see that I have commented on this post. I have successfully fitted the replacement Mount but please note my words of caution about fitting it.



Reply from Jt on 12-19-14 10:34 AM

I just picked up a new 7II and the mount seems to be different than previous version. Not needing the heavy duty ring.
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 12-19-14 6:51 AM

I have checked this item here in Germany with the official SONY Repair Services, because I was a little worried for my new Sony G FE 70-200mm zoom lens, reading about this Photodiox Tough E-Mount.

The answer was NOT NECESSARY, as long as one shoot it hand held !

It might be required, if one shoot most of his images, using an tripod, because then, the heavy weight of an, for example OTUS lens, has to be carried by this tiny E-Mount ring. Maybe for that, the Tough E-Mount makes one better sleeping!
Reply from Steve Watson on 11-23-14 11:13 AM

Aquilan. Yes I have fitted the Fotodiox Tough E-Mount to my Sony Alpha 7R successfully. The mount supplied by Sony did not seem to have been designed with the Sony FE 70–200mm F4 G OSS Telephoto Zoom in mind. I had my lens detatch itself twice from the Camera Body while trying to mount the Body + Lens to a Manfrotto tripod. Very worrying. Replacing the original E-Mount with the one-piece Photodiox Tough E-Mount has cured the problem. In my opinion, the mount as provided by Sony is OK for the two light lenses available at launch, the Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA and the Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA but was probably never evaluated with a lens as heavy as the Telephoto Zoom. My Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Mark III Adapter and my Zeiss ZE lenses fit perfectly. I have no experience with Novoflex adapters and Leica glass. For me it was worth the money to fix the problem as sending the Camera Body back to Sony UK would have meant being without it for probably 2 months. oh, by the way, while not Zeiss, the Sony FE 70–200mm F4 G OSS Telephoto Zoom is excellent, and offers versatility to one's photography, which is how it should be. Steve
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 11-23-14 7:19 AM

Hi Steve,
I read about this replacement part more than month ago at I considered to order one but up till now I haven't had any problem with my mount, even when using very heavy lenses, and I my A7 has been used since UK A7 availability day (*I preorder one at UK).
I read also this fits very well with fotodiox adapters but some people lost their fit with some adapters like novoflex leica-e mount one.
I mainly use Novoflex and Metabones adapters and I feel I will stay with original mount till a change to A7 II or A9.

May I understand that You are pleased with new mount after Your successful installation of it?

best regards, WZ
Reply from Steve Watson on 11-23-14 4:35 AM

Fotodiox creates 'Tough E-Mount' for Sony E & FE-mount cameras

Having given the Kit supplied by Photodiox a lot of retrospective thought over the last week or so, I have focused my thinking on the matter:

(1) Although there is a Video on the Fotodiox Website there are NO instructions whats so ever supplied with the kit. This is potentially dangerous
(2) The use of the CORRECT Cross Headed Driver to remove the screws and re-attach them is neither provided or the correct size quoted. This is a potentially serious ommission as it will be easy to strip the tiny heads of the screws by using the incorrect size Driver. I think that the Driver AND 4 replacement screws should be provided in the Kit. I appreciate that it will increase the cost of the Kit but it is too important an issue not to have one. The danger is that DIY'ers will make do, so to speak, and employ the incorrect Driver to the task. Disaster may well follow.

The key aspect to think about when using either Adapters or a replacement Mount such as this, is the quality of the machining and hence the manufacturing tolerances. The replacement of the Mount or the use of an Adapter will be totally dependent on the ability of the manufacturer to be capable of producing two parallel surfaces to a specific width i.e. both the Mount or an Adapter are only in reality spacers. The Mount I fitted works superbly and my Metabones Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Mark III. German engineering is currently probably the best in the world, but these two options are not to my knowledge manufactured in Germany.

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