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Subject: Zeiss 135 1.8 vs Zeiss 135 2.0

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 08-12-14 8:29 PM - Views: 1964

By: Jt

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Have a read here http://jorgetorralba.com/?p=166
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Reply from Andrew Paquette on 08-20-14 1:52 PM

I didn't compare the bokeh between the lenses but do notice that I really like the bokeh on the ZA 135/1.8. It is different from the other lenses I have: perfectly circular and crisp, very nice.

Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 08-18-14 1:46 AM

Comparing photos taken with ZA and ZF/ZE version of Sonnar 135mm, I found out that bokeh of APO lenses disturb me much. I confirmed this observation with Otus sample photos at optyczne.pl. For my taste APO bookeh is too soft in compare to sharper one of previous Zeiss lenses. I meet opinion of people, who haven't liked rendering of Gauss-type lenses. I am not really sure about other properties but most of all I don't like out of focus APO-rendering. I hope there line of achormatic lenses would be being extended or at least line of superachromatic. Thanks Jorge for sharing this article with You new blog :)
Best regards, WZ
Reply from Andrew Paquette on 08-13-14 4:20 PM

I like the look of your new blog. As for the review, I made the same choice for the same reason, though I did have pangs of discomfort as I wondered if I had gotten the right excellent 135mm lens. I used it at a basketball game recently and found the AF really slow relative to what I was trying to accomplish but it worked fine for a model shoot a couple days ago.

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