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Subject: Zeiss 100mp ZF2 VS leica R 100mp APO 2.8 on D800E

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 06-17-14 2:56 PM - Views: 6616

By: David Fontanet

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I m used shot on d800E ,zeiss series zf2 , 35 1.4 , 50 mp zfs and now I go for a 100mp

I think over best IQ properties. Not concesions in zoom issues, only IQ top rendition.
I believe newest zf2 series are better in microcontrast ,but leica is know as best ever made 100mp. It about subjective and personal taste. Surely both are a top end quality lenses, probably the best ones ever.

It s obvius answer in zeiss forum , I m looking for people had owned both and finally decided for the best

please share your experience

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Reply from Jt on 01-31-16 1:46 PM

[quote]z-enthusiast wrote:
torralba wrote:
You an compare the two



I doubt, that one can see the real differences, if any, on an normal monitor!


Maybe now with 4k and 5k monitors.
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 01-21-15 10:18 AM

[quote]torralba wrote:
You an compare the two



I doubt, that one can see the real differences, if any, on an normal monitor!

Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 01-21-15 10:15 AM

I really don't understand the problem, even with f/stop down, I have with my A7 an bright image view to focus, and with this excellent peaking mode, it is really the best method with all kinds of adapted lenses!
Reply from Dierk Dierk on 01-8-15 3:07 PM

I got the Leica APO-Macro-Elmarit 2.8/100 for the Leica M240. But I returned the M240 after 2 days for many reasons and used the Elmarit on the Sony A7R for some time. But I hat to stop down manually after focusing open!

Some time ago I ordered the new OTUS 85mm with Canon ZE mount. The ZE mount gives me an automatic aperture with the Metabones smart adapter!! That works so great, that I ordered the Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/100 with ZE too and am going to sell the Leica Elmarit.
For lenses with Nikon or Leica R mount there is no such solution, you always have to stop down manually on adapted cameras.

My conclusion:
the automatic aperture is much more important in practical use than any marginal differences of the IQ, especially, when you or the object is moving during or after focusing. To focus open with the focus peaking or magnification of mirrorless cameras is far superior to any DSLR.

You may find some results here
the Macro Planar:

the OTUS:
Reply from Ivan R. on 11-23-14 10:48 AM

pages 17-18 are about speed loss when going into macro area... 100MP is f3.6 at maximum magnification. There also is info about 2/50MP which is f3.2 at maximum magn.
Reply from Warren Kong on 11-18-14 7:04 AM

What about leica R 60mm macro & zeiss 50mm macro planar?
Reply from Ivan R. on 11-11-14 9:19 PM

Zeiss "errors" are making painterly pictures with beautiful blur.. you just need to accept them and learn to use those imperfections. 100MP is not ahead with fstop over leica, that f2 easily becomes f2.8 in macro.. lenses lie about f-stops..
Reply from Peter Rene Jensen on 10-27-14 2:30 AM

Yes, Leica do have their varience and issues. You must know which to choose. The newest Zeiss I have (135/2 + 55/1,4 is clearly beyond any of the Leica ones I have ever owned which have been a variety of M&R lenses, like 21/3,4, 28/2,8, 35/2, 50/2, 80/1,4, 90/2,8 100/2,8, 135/2,8. I have never tried the S-lenses, hey should be special, and I will not have budget for that until that Lottery comes this way....

Flashpoint, if you dont need macro, go for the Zeiss 135/2, if you do need macro, the Leica 100/2,8 is a better choice over the Zeiss 100/2,0 if you favorite "corrected" pictures.

However the "things" that happen outside focus in the Zeis 100/2,0 is quite spectacular. This is very beautiful, just like another one of my "not so well corrected favorites" the Zeiss 35/1,4 or even the Leica 80/1,4 which is absolutely bad corrected, but takes amazingly pictures. Even though both are not quite world class sharp and both silly difficult to focus, they do make you smile - and thats the important part of it. APO lenses from Zeiss and Leica is in this respect a little more boring, not so much "going on" but a lot less work afterwards with colours which are superb.
You will also find, that APO is better for focus in general, much better, to my eye that is, and in my early fifties, this is getting more interesting simply leaving the 80/1,4 back home unless very good light and lots of it .

Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 10-25-14 7:27 AM

Leica has always cleverly understood to place their, no doubt, excellent glasses on top, but it is well known, that not all lenses are made at Solms, and were coming also from various other well known lens manufacturers especially made for Leica!

Other mothers have also nice daughters!
Reply from Peter Rene Jensen on 10-17-14 4:28 PM

Hi Flashpoint.
I have shot both the Zeiss 100 and the Leica on D800E, own the 100 R APO.
TheLeica 100 IQ is extremely close / same to my Zeiss 135 APO ZF2, so clearly beyond the 100/2. It is however 1 stop slower, so not a quite fair comparision though, but I´t is my favorite Leica lense.
Its not often in use after I´ve got the 135/2 ZF, however, when it do come on, I always get happy, its special and has a somewhat different and very obvious clarity.
The macro capabilities are awesome, however when mounted with the 1:1 Elpro does not quite keep up with D800E & D810.

Reply from Jt on 06-17-14 4:09 PM

You an compare the two


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