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Contax T & TVS series

By Peter

Hello! Is there a chance to add lens types of the Contax T and TVS series? Personally, I would like to add some images taken with the Contax T3 and its f/2.8 35 mm "Sonnar" (not really a Sonnar, more a Biogon).

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Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 01-24-14 12:05 AM

How about the YASHICA's T-4 and T-5 with ist excellent TESSAR 3,5/35mm?
Reply from Ibraar Hussain on 01-19-14 1:42 PM

TVS III too please
Reply from Peter on 01-19-14 10:41 AM

SUPER! I will add my images as soon as possible. Many thanks.
The Vario-Sonnar 30-60mm f/3.5-6.7 would be nice too (Contax TVS III). No rush, however. I appreciate your work!
Reply from Jt on 01-19-14 10:38 AM

T3 lens added
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