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Upgrading Category 'DOGS' to 'PETS'

Upgrading Category 'DOGS' to 'PETS'

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 12-15-13 10:51 AM - Views: 804

By: Wojciech Zielinski

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what do You think to change photo category 'DOGS' to 'PETS'? I wanted to post photos of my cats and then changing it to 'DOGS AND CATS' Category but more wise should be to make it available to all pupil's photos :) I image that this chge is very minor and not important to most of Zeiss' photographers. But my cats don't want to be called DOGS for sure :) Even they like other dogs, they are convinced they are different species.

So do You, Dear Readers, vote to make 'DOGS' category into 'PETS' category?

Best regards, WZ.


Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 12-18-13 6:05 PM

Thanks for applying my plan :) WZ
Reply from Zeiss Images on 12-15-13 4:20 PM

Sounds like a plan. I will make the change now.
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