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Next OTUS lens

Next OTUS lens

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Posted: 11-15-13 11:07 AM - Views: 2763

By: Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss

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Hallway gossip, one of the next OTUS will be an 1,4/85mm glass!


Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 11-29-13 5:51 AM

Rainer, do You have any link (or article) to new Leica Summicron Apo 2/50mm, which encloses objectively properties of this lens without merchant prayerful wishes? Thanks for setting up this topic, best regards, WZ.
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 11-28-13 12:31 PM

WZ, thanks for your reply. I guess, that the OTUS apochromatic correction has reached the maximum possible standard, together with the Leica Summicron Apo 2/50mm!
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 11-28-13 9:51 AM

Greetings Rainer,
I believe that You mistreated my application of material implication with logical biconditional connective. I didn't mean that all apo-chromatic lenses are good lenses, I meant only that new Otus 85mm would be apo-chromatic, based on Zeiss standards of course. I haven't known that You highly regard apo-chromatic standards of Leica's lenses.
Best regards, WZ.
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 11-27-13 2:43 AM

WZ, apochromatic lens design does not automatically mean, its an superb lens! The APO standards are not by 100% standardized yet, like the ISO settings. Every lens manufacturer is handling it differently. But for Leica and Zeiss, one can expect the highest possible APO standard.
Reply from Wojciech Zielinski on 11-26-13 7:35 AM

I am much impressed by Planar 1.2/85mm aniversary lens. New Otus 85mm would be apo-chromatic for sure, probably Sonnar type?
Reply from Richard Taylor on 11-26-13 6:23 AM

i just bought my planar 85, wonderful lens I'm not sure really how they could improve it!
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 11-25-13 10:53 PM

I've read this about an 28mm f/1,4 also! But 28mm isn't so much a glass, to my opinion, to be used in the OTUS line. An 35mm f/1.4 OTUS, fits much better into this category. Wide angle lenses are very critical, because of the different sensor designs, and the different cameras flange distances.

But anyway, we must wait until te next Photokina at Cologne!
Reply from Jacky Ge on 11-25-13 8:19 PM

85mm 1.4, also an upcoming 28mm 1.4
Reply from Wolf Rainer Schmalfuss on 11-15-13 10:53 PM

The 135mm is for sure an real member of the OTUS class, and maybe Zeiss is going to change its design! I personally would like to see that the OTUS line should be also extended for an expected FX FUJI camera and for the new Sony A camera line. Its all possible, but often only politics.
Reply from Zeiss Images on 11-15-13 11:37 AM

I hope you are correct. That would be an incredible portrait lens. For now, the 135 is my portrait lens. however, this new 55 have many uses.
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